Transplantation treatment in stem cell skin care treatment

Stem cell transplantation done especially for skin and hair is a development of medical procedure where the cells from umbilical string of own mother is obtained for cure several medical conditions.


Plastic surgeons and craniofacial surgeons were prosperous in transplanting skin, hair stem cells to cultivate more tissues over the lacking area. This is a particularly advanced pain less cure process. The injuries of the donors part is easily refilled within two days. Completed the receptors part, very minor holes will be created where the skin and hair from the do not part is embedded. Even in this plastic transplantation procedure the stem cells are detached from the donor part and re-planted over the receptors part. We can organize somebody’s diseases and we provide treatment according to the health condition of patients.


This technique was fairly a rare surgery done in many countries long years ago. But newly, people have reached awareness over the stem cell treatment method both for skin and hair. After few months you can see full hair growing over your bald head without any gap. Unlike other variety of skin and hair transplantation process in plastic surgery, this cure is not that expensive. You can now consult with our aesthetic or plastic surgeon for getting free advice and acquire the appropriate treatment and estimate for your hair as well as skin difficulties in a large extent. Transplantation treatments done in stem cell skin care treatment are always effective in curing diseases for patients.